ENEDIS for its South-West and Rhône-Alpes Bourgogne delegations

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ENEDIS is a public utility and operator of Europe’s largest electricity grid with 1.3 million kilometers in high and low voltage cables, to provide electricity to 35 million clients. ENEDIS has implemnted many action plans to reduce its footprint on the environment and fauna.

With the view of meeting the LIFE GYPCONNECT requirements in the Baronnies in the Drôme region and in Aveyron and Lozère, ENEDIS has pledged to engage its subsidiaries :

  • ENEDIS Rhône-Alpes-Bourgogne : The Baronnies mountain range is a dangerous area for raptors due to the presence of an overhead power line. In this priority area of the mountain range, located in the vicinity of the Gorges de Léoux (partially modified), ENEDIS has conducted works to protect birdlife, by modifying 3.5 km of power lines and approximately 40 poles. These modifications should be finalized by the work planned in this area by the LIFE GYPCONNECT project.
  • ENEDIS Lozère Cité Carmes : The Direction Régionale ENEDIS Nord Midi Pyrénées, in charge of Lozère and Aveyron, has, between 1992 (first worksites) and 1994 (first agreement), worked with LPO Grands-Causses to install bird-protective accessories on its overhead power lines in the Causses mountain range. As proposed by LPO Grands-Causses, after conducting the necessary studies and prioritizing the issues at stake within the context of LIFE GYPCONNECT, the available budget will be allocated to modifying the power line sections considered as the most dangerous.

For more information : http://www.enedis.fr/

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