What is a LIFE program ?

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LIFE tools are the European Commission’s financial instruments to contribute to the implementation, upgrading and development of the Community’s European environmental policy and legislation. These tools include LIFE Nature, a program in favor of projects on best practices or demonstrations of achieved objectives under the Bird Directive and/or Habitats Directive, including the Natura 2000 sites network.

Other LIFE Bearded Vulture programs

**LIFE GypHelp

The LIFE GypHelp project aims at reducing the threats from human activities facing Bearded Vulture populations in the French Alps. It involves the implementation of the NAP (National Action Plan) to counter collision and electrocution risks, as well as poisoning, intoxication and reproduction disturbance events. It is aligned with programs involving other species facing the same risks : large raptors and ground-feeding birds, and cooperation with such energy suppliers as ENEDIS (ERDF) and RTE or with ski resorts. Steered by Asters jointly with the Vanoise and Mercantour National Parks, the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), the Mountain Ground-Feeding Bird Observatory and the Departmental Hunters Federation, the project will last until the end of 2018. Visit the website. Visit the website.

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