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The LIFE GYPCONNECT project supported by financial and technical partners.

Financial partners

The MAVA Foundation is a Swiss philanthropic family foundation created in 1994 by Luc Hoffmann. The foundation has decided to support strong partnerships in favor of biodiversity conservation for future generations. Bird and bird habitats protection has always been a priority for the foundation. For this reason, it has pledged to support the VCF and LPO reintroduction programs focused on strengthening the viability of Bearded Vulture populations in Western Europe.

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Technical partners

To eradicate threats, the project team is composed of experts in the in and ex-situ conservation of birds of prey, veterinarians, scientists and electricity providers.

The team is also planning to work with sociologists on boosting buy-in for the program from the general public, neighbors and users, and thus to benefit from a wide array of expertise and skills required for the successful achievement of the action plans over the 6 years of the program.

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