Limiting threats

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To ensure peaceful sites, the project includes 6 actions:

  • Securing and neutralizing dangerous electrical installations;
  • Including mappings of the most sensitive areas for the Bearded Vulture in all windfarm projects;
  • Strengthening actions to combat and supervise toxic threats;
  • Experimenting lead-free ammunition;
  • Rescuing birds in distress
  • Limiting sources of disturbances and hazards from human activities.

Such actions are based on conducting 3 preliminary actions:

  • Drawing up the inventory of dangerous power lines;
  • Mapping the areas where the Bearded Vulture is present and including them in windfarm plans and installations;
  • Collecting and analyzing how the public perceives carrion-eating birds in general and the Bearded Vulture in particular, to design relevant communication campaigns.

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