Larzac left Grands Causses to fly to the Netherlands

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Depuis une dizaine jours, Larzac n’est plus observable dans les Grands Causses.

During the past 10 days, Larzac was not sighted in the Grands Causses. After several fly-overs of the site that is home to two female Bearded Vulture juveniles, Larzac flew to Puy en Velay on June 1. We were able to observe his movements in the Massif du Morvan, near the city of Troyes, and follow his crossing into Belgium, 5 days later on June 17.

He was recently sighted in a forest close to Gemert (Noord-Brabant region). On the pictures taken by two of our Dutch coleagues, Hans Pohlmann and Jaap Denee, he is seen resting in a tree in a peaceful environment.

Thanks to these two observers, whom we thank for their very precious information, we know that Larzac is in good health. Food was deposited near the tree on June 20, 2016, to restore the bird’s energy. In view of the bad weather, the Bearded Vulture’s state of health is regularly monitored.

The weather is expected to improve over the next few days, and we hope that Larzac will return to the south.

To be continued …

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